Sikky BMW E46 Low Profile Steering Shaft Assembly

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The Sikky BMW E46 Steering Shaft Assembly was designed to be extremely low profile for extra header clearance.  Using precision CNC components allows for an extremely rigid and responsive feel.  Joining your E46 steering rack to your E46 steering column with this low profile steering shaft is required when using the Sikky LS swap kit and headers. Our design of this steering shaft assembly removes the floppy rag joints that are used in the OEM shaft, which eliminates the sloppy and less responsive feel that the OEM steering is notorious for. This upgrade serves multiple purposes and is a great addition to your E46 build regardless if your installing an engine swap or not.  Includes two joints, shaft, and hardware.
Compatibility: E46 rack with E46 column
Special Notes:
Prior to ordering please measure the diameter of your steering column and count the splines.  BMW used several different steering columns in the e30 and e36 globally and we have found some that do not fit and are not the same as what this steering shaft kit was designed for.  In some instances the spline count and diameter will be right but there will be a point at the end of the steering column before the splines start that will need to be trimmed to make the end blunt.  The BMW steering columns are also length adjustable.   In some instances the end of the steering column will be closer to the rack.  By loosening a locking nut closer to the steering wheel end of the rack you can adjust the length at the lower end of the column (rack side) in or out and match it up to the length of the Sikky steering shaft.