Sikky G35 Rear Subframe Bushing Set - Adjustable

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Looking to help minimize wheel hop in your Infiniti G35 and stiffen up your suspension? Our adjustable solid sub frame bushings allow for perfect fitment and improved handling.  These bushings allow for 3 different height variations.  One is designed to mimic the OEM height and placement of the sub frame which makes them Formula Drift legal.  The other two combinations allow the sub frame to be raised closer to the body of the vehicle which improves the roll center of the vehicle and helps with anti squat to drastically improve the handling over OEM rubber bushings.


  • CNC machined T6061 air craft quality Aluminum bushings
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Allows for 3 different height configurations


  • Completely replaces old and worn OEM bushings
  • Stiffens rear suspension by removing the squishy rubber bushings that deflect under heavy cornering loads
  • Helps to reduce wheel hop when launching from a stand still or rolling starts
  • Improves roll center and helps improve anti squat
  • Improves suspension geometry on lowered cars