Sikky Nissan 350Z Front Sway Bar

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One of the most cost effective ways to improve the handling of your vehicle is a sway bar.  Sikky is proud to offer this high quality front sway bar for 350Z owners. Whether it is the street or the track, this 3 way adjustable bar can be fine-tuned to suit your needs. The softest setting was designed to be at an entry level and has similar rate to the OEM 350Z bar. This leaves you two additional settings to further increase the stiffness and help to tighten the rear of the car. This is very important if you track your car or are running larger wheel and tire combos. There is nothing worse than understeer when cornering and this fully adjustable bar will allow you to dial your Z into a setting that suits your driving style and setup.
– 3-Way Adjustability
– Utilizes OEM Endlinks
– 33mm Bar
– Allows clearance LSx swaps