Sikky Nissan 350Z Rear Sway Bar

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There are several unique features of this Sikky rear sway bar that make it unique.

  • The double hump design allows for proper routing and clearance of true dual exhaust.  With the popularity of engine swaps into the 350z it’s common to need a true dual exhaust and this bar solves the issue of trying to squeeze the exhaust past the sway bar and subframe.  Now you don’t have to sacrifice ground clearance or pipe diameter to get the exhaust you want.
  • Most rear bars available for the 350z only offer an aggressive upgrade to the OEM bar.  These are intended solely for road race applications which are much too stiff for drifting.  This often causes people to  disconnect or totally remove a rear bar to get more traction.  This is obviously a bad idea even on a drift car based on how a sway bar works and what it does to the handling and roll of the vehicle.  Yes, it may increase grip but the downsides of having no rear bar are far worse than less grip.
  • This is precisely why we designed our rear sway bars softest setting to be similar to an OEM rear bar.  This way, you can run in the softest setting with a drift setup and still get all the benefits of having the sway bar and prevent excessive body roll while maximizing your grip. Then if you need to take a little grip out of your 350z’s setup you can simply move the end link to one of the stiffer settings to dial in to your exact preference.  Should you decide to time attack or road race your car you can run one of the stiffer two settings and cover all the bases.  This bar is a real game changer for setting up your 350z for any use and having the ability to make quick adjustments for different tracks and weather conditions.