Sikky S14 240sx Front Sway Bar w/ Endlinks

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In the past, when swapping any motor other than the SR20DET into the S14 chassis, problems with sway bar clearances posed a big problem. Until now, the only solution was using spacer blocks to move the bar forward. This drastically effects the dynamics of the suspension and stiffness of the bar. Sikky now has a proper solution to the problem that also solves several other issues at the same time.



  • 32mm tubular sway bar
  • Perfect fitment for S14 with engine swap (LSx, RB, 1JZ, 2JZ, VQ35DE, etc.)
  • 3 way adjustable for fine tuning
  • Heavy duty adjustable end links with heim joints
  • Added clearance when at full lock.
  • Tire rubbing on the bar is no longer an issue even with extreme angle spindles
  • No longer need adapter brackets, spacer blocks to run front sway bar
  • High quality design and construction that rivals any bar for the 240sx that is currently available